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İT Sektorunda Fərqli İşə Qəbul və İT-də İşə Qəbulun Önəmi

İT Sektorunda Fərqli İşə Qəbul və İT-də İşə Qəbulun Önəmi
İT Sektorunda Fərqli İşə Qəbul və İT-də İşə Qəbulun Önəmi

The IT sector, like the rest of the world, is experiencing unlimited growth. The recessions seen from time to time in other sectors never occur in this sector. Therefore, among the needs for the IT sector, an excellent workforce is a permanent necessity. This increases the search for information resources, especially today's technologies. Approximately 1600 small-medium companies are actively involved in the IT sector, and this contribution is more than 60% of the workforce. In this context, the scope of the recruitment function in the ever-increasing demand IT sector is increasing.

Apart from the speed of development and change of the sector, difficulties in accessing the workforce have made "recruitment in the information sector" one of the favorite professions of the age.

Levent Kızıltan, President of the Informatics Industrialists Association (TÜBİSAD),

“The information and communication technologies sector is also a very important part of the examination, with its position feeding all sectors in terms of technological platforms that provide development and the human resources that implement these platforms.” Accordingly, it has been revealed that the lack of "knowledge workforce" declaration has become a problem in Turkey in recent years. It follows the differentiation in the recruitment of this business.

With the developing world, it has become almost impossible to think, design and construct a business independent of technology. For example, although concrete products that offer e-commerce services can be produced, websites that will provide the requested services can be created. Accordingly, software developers, test engineers, etc. The need for roles is increasing. When we present the year 2030, the change in supply and demand in areas such as information and hardware features technology and engineering is gradually expanding. Therefore, presenting it as “IT Recruiter” will be recorded on the day of need for IT Recruiters. Companies in the IT sector, which they have difficulty reaching, will be able to move forward quickly with Recruitment Experts. Employment can be achieved by both winning and analyzing technical information, with the understanding of being the right candidate for the right job.

In the new world order blended with technology and software integrated into our lives, IT resources cannot be provided in sufficient numbers today. In order to achieve integrity and access to sufficient workforce in the IT sector, it will be beneficial to support science for the growth of relevant school departments and the preferences of these departments according to the supply-demand relationship of the digitalizing world.


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