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Our goal is to always improve our quality human resources .

It has a product and service network that provides original solutions in information technologies for 15 years. We carry out successful projects in the field of information technologies with our more than 350 employees. We are aware of the most important developments in achieving our goals by our reliable, sincere teams that have adopted development and progress as a principle. Therefore, we do not strive to ensure that they become the best versions of the person. We offer opportunities to our employees in order to constantly update them and ensure their success with the developing technology.

Our human resources, who are open to communication and act in solidarity, and our experience shape our steps with human-oriented design. Based on the "equality" events, which are the most important building blocks of our community culture, we care about the people they live and feel equal regardless of gender, age, professions or lives. Our goal is Reliable, Our aim is to recruit portable and high-potential candidates and to improve our quality human resources. To join Mirsis, you can apply to the postings on our website and career portals.


Buddy App

From the first day of joining Mirsis, you will be assigned friends who can support you in every aspect and make it easier to adapt quickly. Your buddy will be with you in your first days, providing information about the company culture and guiding you.

Regular Trainings

The essence of continuous change in the developing world of technology is that these days they are followed in teams of teams and their training planning is centralized to support them in their career lives. In addition to the basic training offered throughout the year, we recommend that you continue to support the development processes of your colleagues with memberships to e-learning platforms.

Side Rights

As Mirsis, we include flexible benefits practices in line with the expectations and changes in working relations. You provide your team members with the opportunity to freely use the Coupons/Gift certificates assigned to their contacts in line with your needs. It provides remote working support, meal fee and transportation support for the card balance used in Mirsis. In addition, we provide health insurance and, for some registered employees, an employer-contributed private pension system to our employees.

Leave Application


In addition to his annual leave in Mirsis

Four days of excused leave per year
birthday leave
Unlike the legal legislation, 5 working days of paternity leave is available.
Bring a Friend Award

As a Mirsis resident, send your CV immediately to ensure that your friend is also from Mirsis! You have the opportunity to earn superior income 6 months after the friend you recommend starts working.

Social Life in Mirsis

Have fun together by working together!

We enrich our in-house social life and togetherness with organizations that bring us together. Plan social events, anniversaries and birthdays according to the intensity of interest and hobbies of team members. During a routine moment in the office, the instant smell of waffles, vitamin stores against cold weather, and chocolate waterfalls can come from anywhere!




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We establish trust-based, transparent relationships and attach importance to teamwork.

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