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Our products

  • Sentiment and Interaction Analysis
  • Statistical Measurement
  • Reporting
  • Performance Measurement

NextconAI offers a solution developed for call centers that can analyze connections and communications, measure agent performances and provide measurements on customer expectations. It also reports the blocks' interest in certain products or services, enabling better results to be achieved.

FSI (Financial Services Sector) Focused Solutions

NextconAI provides first-hand solutions for the Financial Services Industry (FSI). Thanks to the test environment provided by one of the leading banks, the solution designed to meet the needs of a bank offers important features by understanding the expectations and expectations of real customers. In this way, computers can provide more effective and customer-oriented service.

Contact Center Coaching and Potential Marketing

NextconAI solution provides contact center coaching by providing recommendations for specific customer types to increase sales of communication companies' countries. With this feature, it helps the contact center to continue its existence, while also offering marketing potential. It provides valuable added value for call center businesses.

By using the NextconAI solution via call, you not only improve customer performance but also increase your business breadth and competitive advantage.

Mirsis Information Technologies
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